Individual Therapy

What is Individual Psychotherapy like at Vantage Point?

At Vantage Point, individual psychotherapy is a collaborative process where we help our client's take the steps they need in order to live healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.  We have a client-centered, supportive, safe, and non-judgmental environment from which we assist our client's to meet their goals.

Who May Benefit from Individual Psychotherapy?

According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health approximately 43.7 million adults had depression, anxiety, or another mental illness in 2012. This indicates that a significant portion of our population will need some support in coping with their problems at some point in their life. Along with symptoms of distress, there are also individuals who seek therapy who are dissatisfied with their relationships or lifestyle and are looking for ways to improve their lives. Individual psychotherapy can be a positive step for anyone who is currently unhappy or dissatisfied with their quality of life and feel that they would like a change.

About the Initial Intake Session

Your therapist will meet with you to get to know you, to discuss your needs, answer any questions that you have, and will begin to determine the best empirically-validated and individualized treatment plan for you. 

About Ongoing Sessions

Your therapist will continue to clarify your needs, will help you set and reach goals, provide recommendations, and will monitor your treatment to ensure that you are moving in your desired direction. Your therapist will be there to support and encourage you throughout the therapeutic process and will assist you to identify and move past any barriers that stand in the way of improving your life.

How long will therapy take?

It really depends on the client's individual needs and desires. While some clients may only need a few sessions, others may require a longer-term commitment. We also offer multiple sessions per week for individuals who would benefit from a more intensive type of treatment. 

What are the fees for service and how do I schedule an appointment?

Our fees vary depending on the individual clinician. To inquire about fees and scheduling an appointment, please contact Dr. Katie Polsky at 916.284.1416 or