Couples Therapy at Vantage Point Center for Psychotherapy

Our mission at Vantage Point is to help clients improve their relationships by learning to overcome and manage problems that cause distress in their relationship. We provide a safe space for each individual to learn to understand his or her own unique contribution to the current issues within the relationship. We help our clients develop the tools they need to become better listeners, improve their communication skills, decrease negative ways of interacting, learn to manage relationship stress, improve intimacy, and develop positive ways of supporting and loving one another. We have experience treating:

  • Trust & Intimacy Issues
  • Communication Problems
  • Infidelity & Betrayal
  • Fighting & Defensiveness
  • Cross-Cultural Issues
  • LGBTQIA Adults
  • Consensual Non-monogomy
  • Commitment Issues
  • Stressful Life Transitions
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Parenting Problems
  • Financial Issues
  • Sexual Difficulties & Emotional Disconnect

Sexual issues 


Sex is an important part of many peoples' lives and can be crucial to a relationship’s health. Given the intimate and private nature of our sex lives, seeking help may feel embarrassing to some individuals. Therapy can provide a safe venue to address your sexual issues and concerns. Our role is to help clients explore the many issues that contribute to their sexuality such as self-esteem, early trauma and abuse, body image, or current relationship stressors. We also have experience treating a wide range of sexual issues including decreased sexual desire, difficulties with sexual performance, and lack of sexual confidence.

Couples Therapy